Sensors and cameras safety solution for transportation

Clarion-Camos cameras, monitors and sensors have the best features to achieve the highest scores in terms of legal requirements, certification and ergonomics. Indeed the products are based on hardened components selected for their strong resistance to constrained industrial environments, and harshed climatic situations.
In the field of the agricultural sector, the operations and the maneuvers have to be executed in the best safety conditions. Then we eliminate blind spots with our very high definition Birdview 360 ° offer, which has already been selected by a manufacturer of European trucks and coaches.
Shocks endured by cameras do not affect the durability of the product in the long term, the reinforced protective shells and lenses have been designed with the utmost care. Anti-fog and frost heating systems make it possible to operate in sites with high humidity and cold weather. And yet our solution will continue to work without interruption, with the initial performance preserved.
The use cases are numerous because the cameras are easy to deploy, no complex configuration, tasks are simplified to the maximum during integration. Moreover, when the wiring is complicated, we offer a secure and automatic wireless transmission system; the operator can focus on his day-to-day business, reducing any energy wasting comsumption .
As an international manufacturer we know how to meet the local requirements for each of the industrial markets.
Thanks to our long experience gained over 30 years, and to our engineers we can help you to design your safety project and guide you in the choice of components and many accessories.

Transportation 360 ° view installation example

Four cameras are deployed all around the machine to ensure a complete seamless 360° view of the situation while driving the vehicle, there is no blindsplot.

We complete safety using millimeter wave (mmWave) radars sensors, enabling intelligent autonomy on the edge, detecting and processing object approaching beyond the safety distance.

Key Reminder Benefits:

  • Hardware hardened and ultra-compact
  • Best of breed solution
  • 360 ° view providing very high definition aka "HD-Birdview" unique on the market.
  • Innovation permanent, strong adaptation and anticipation according to future needs
  • Follow-up of the different standards and applicable legal obligations
  • Project management, pre-sales service and after-sales service of facilities
  • Selected as original equipment by a leading European truck and coach manufacturer
  • Warehouse in Europe, after sales service in Europe, possibility of defective exchange of material at Day + 1 (according to GSC)