Calibration Kit system for TVI
and analogue system

Every 360 ° CAMOS system needs to be calibrated after installation to ensure proper all-round visibility.
During calibration, the cameras are tuned to completely decimate blind spots on the vehicle.
The kit includes:

  • 2x calibration mat / pattern in 5,50m x 1,50m or 2m x 7m for large vehicles
  • Calibration box for data exchange between 360° CAMOS and PC
  • Software package including vehicle graphics, basic calibrations and parking lines

Calibration mat

The illustrated mats show the current pattern, which serves the cameras as
orientation and clue.

Calibration box

For data upload and download with Connection cable and SD card slot

Software packet

Includes the calibration program, basic calibrations, vehicle graphics and guidelines for the reversing camera